We are Celicious. We craft protection and add-on accessories for your gadgets. We offer indispensable products that enhance, protect and style your devices.


You might be thinking, how is Celicious pronounced? Simple! Like Delicious but with a ‘C’. We blend technology with individuality so you can enjoy your tech for longer, without compromising on lifestyle.

Inspired by you

Our products not only match your specific device, but also your person ality. You are the core of every product that we make. Whether it’s the interactive screen touch or the sensual feel of textures, your fingerprint is at the heart of our design. That’s why we seal each product with a symbol of your fingerprint. It’s yours, made specifically for you.

What we offer

Celicious makes technology work better for you through protection, styling and enhancement accessory. Today smartphones, tablets and PC’s are part of our daily lifestyle. We believe that enhancing the use of these gadgets is necessary, styling them is essential, protecting them is mandatory! 

Our approach

We’re passionate about technology and innovation. We combine craftsmanship with the finest materials and latest manufacturing techniques to give you the add-on accessory you need. The result? Your device lives longer, preserved and dignified, your style, your way, uniquely for you.

Truly Celicious

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