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  • Why Your Mobile Phone Screen Shatters When Dropped


    Smashed glass

    A screen shattering is one of the worst things that could happen to a phone and its owner. Not only is it unsightly, but it also can affect the use of the phone's screen and keys. Replacing your screen can also be quite costly, and if water or debris manage to get into the cracks, you could be looking at further damage and further costs!

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  • How Phone Privacy Screens Work

    Someone using a smartphone with a privacy screen protector

    Sometimes we want to keep what we are doing on our devices private and unseen from other people, and a phone privacy screen can achieve just that! But how do they actually work? Similar to a vertical blind, privacy screen protectors block the view from particular angles. When a blind is facing downwards or upwards, you can only see through it at certain angles; the privacy screen works in the same way. It stops people around you from being able to view the screen by blacking out the display when viewed at specific angles.

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  • How to Securely Get Work Done on a Plane

    Many people are required to travel for their job, and sometimes have to fly abroad. To make the most of the time in the air, it is great to get out your laptop, tablet or phone and complete some work while flying. Although this seems like a brilliant idea and an excellent way to make use of time, some risks can come with working on a plane.

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  • 6 Dumb Things You Are Doing with Your Smartphone

    As the name would suggest, smartphones are incredibly intelligent, but sometimes we, the users, aren’t so clever. There are numerous things we are doing with our devices that are unnecessary and quite frankly, silly. We are told many myths when it comes to how we use our smartphones, so we are going to put them straight! We take a look at some of the ridiculous things we do with our phones so you can stop using it incorrectly.

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