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  • Review: Best Fitness Apps


    Couch to 5K

    Free or Pro ($2.99), iOS and Android

    This app is perfect for anyone who wants to run but doesn’t know where to start. This eight-week program has three workouts a week that alternate running and walking, eventually building up to running a 5K.

    Nike+ Running

    Free, iOS and Android

    Nike’s running app tracks every aspect of your run, including time, pace, distance and route. You can challenge your friends, share your activity, set goals and get cheers and motivation along the way.

    Zombies, Run!

    Free, iOS and Android

    Make exercising feel like a game with this app, which simulates a zombie apocalypse and sends you on a mission that requires you to run. Save the world as you race to collect supplies, rescue survivors and avoid the undead.


    Strength Training

    Nike+ Training Club

    Free, iOS and Android

    This app from Nike has everything you need to build a top-notch strength-training program. With workouts from professional trainers and athletes, you can customize your training based on level and intensity or sign up for a pre-arranged plan.


    Free or Premium ($4.99), iOS and Android

    Sworkit, short for Simply Work It, has over 200 exercises that don’t require any equipment, so you can do them anywhere. Input the amount of time you have, from 5 minutes to 60, for a follow-along workout. A Premium account allows you to save your custom workouts.




    Free, iOS and Android (trackers sold separately)

    When used in tandem with Fitbit’s wearable trackers, this app counts your daily steps, monitors your sleep patterns and can even track your heart rate for a more comprehensive picture of your health.

    Charity Miles

    Free, iOS and Android

    This app lets you earn money for your favorite charities with each mile you walk, run or bike. As if you needed another incentive to exercise!


    Free, iOS and Android

    If you love taking classes, this app is a must. Enter a location and search for fitness classes, spas and wellness centers. You can see studio schedules, and sometimes even book a class or service in advance.

  • New Technology Launching in 2016

    In terms of technological advancement, it’s a pretty incredible time to be alive. We carry tiny computers with us everywhere we go, can send photos instantly to anywhere in the world, and even get our groceries delivered to our front doors. With so many incredible advances happening all the time, check out some of the coolest new tech gadgets being released in 2016.

     Perhaps one of the most heavily anticipated releases this year is the newest version of Apple’s iPhone.  Set to launch this fall, the iPhone 7 will have a much faster processor, improved water resistance and a better rear-facing camera.

    GoPro, the small, nearly indestructible camera beloved by adventurers the world over, is launching its first drone, called Karma. Aerial videography is gaining popularity, and combining GoPro’s high quality imaging, durable cameras and drone technology will make for some incredible videos.

    Virtual reality has completely taken the world by storm. The Oculus Rift VR headset completely immerses users in the virtual reality experience with a VR screen and headphones. While the Rift works best with powerful computers, there are other virtual reality sets that let you use your smart phone as the screen for a cost-friendly way to join the fun.

    Some of 2016’s coolest technology is actually very practical. For instance, oombrella, a smart umbrella that knows when it’s going to rain and sends you a reminder not to forget it before you leave the house. Samsung is launching its Family Hub Fridge, a smart refrigerator with an app that allows users to order groceries right from the fridge’s screen to be delivered to your house. If you’re out at the grocery store, you can use your phone to check what’s in the fridge so you never forget an item again. For the office workers, Facebook at Work, a version of Facebook made for the workplace, will allow people to communicate with their coworkers the way they do with friends. It’s been tested in offices for almost a year, but is expected to open to the public this year.

  • Celicious Vivid and Matte Screen Protectors overview

    There is nothing worse than getting a scratch or crack on your brand new phone screen. Thankfully, here at Celicious, we offer plenty of solutions that help enhance and keep your phone screen as good as new. We’ve broken down two of our most popular protectors in the Vivid and Matte screens, to help you decide which one is best for you.

    If you are after optimum clarity, the Celicious Vivid screen protector is the ideal protector for you. With a glossy finish, it looks just like your sleek glass screen. It’s only .12 millimeters thick, so you can use it with just about any case (although we recommend one of ours!). The Vivid Screen Protector has 99 percent clarity, so you don’t have to worry about the cover getting in the way of visibility. And like all Celicious screen covers, the Vivid screen protector, protects your phone from the scratches and scuffs that come with everyday use.

    While the Vivid is clear and glossy, our Matte Screen Protector is an anti-glare screen cover with a matte texture. Still, it has 95 percent clarity, so it won’t impede with your regular phone use. Like the Vivid, the Matte is also only .12 millimeters thick, so it can also be used easily with any case. However, the Matte also includes smudge resistance, on top of the regular protection from scuffs and scratches.

    The Celicious Matte screen protector also helps reduce glare and allows you to use your device in direct sunlight.

    Whichever screen protector you decide to use, you can be sure that all our Celicious protectors will give your phone the best protection and enhancement possible.

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