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  • Black Friday Dominated by Mobile Purchases

    Here in the UK, the Black Friday frenzy may have subsided a little more than it has where it began with our friends across the pond, but that didn’t stop more than 60% of Black Friday shoppers using their mobile apps to find some irresistible deals this year!

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  • Learn How to Replace Your Laptop with a Tablet

    Let’s be honest. Tablets are just as good as laptops, and they are a perfectly viable option to choose instead of laptop these days, depending on what you use them for, of course. Both hardware and software on many tablets have become more powerful, and for many people, they are far more practical. So, if your ageing computer needs an upgrade, and you’re looking for a simpler, more lightweight user experience, here’s how you can make an effective switch over when it comes to learning to replace your laptop with a tablet.

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  • Samsung’s Bendable Phone Coming in 2018?

    It’s been on the lips of many for a few years now, but one of the smartphones greatest teases has yet to become a reality. We are, of course, talking about Samsung’s bendable phone.

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  • We All Love Christmas Shopping with Our Smartphones!

    Back before smartphones were, well, so smart, you could literally hear the tills ringing as the sales went through during the Christmas period, but in today’s modern world of consumer shopping, you are far more likely to hear the ping and clicks of mobile transaction completing a purchase. This is, if it isn't already, a big call for businesses across the UK to ensure that they’re mobile friendly as that’s the option increased numbers of shoppers prefer to pay for their shopping, experts have said.

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