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  • That's Right, Your Smartphone Really Does Get Affected by the Cold!

    There have always been myths and notions that the cold weather really does mess with your smartphone’s battery, but for many people, nothing has ever come up that was concrete enough to believe the fact… until now!

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  • The Number of Messages Mobile Phone Users in the UK Receive Will Surprise You

    Most people will have a very distinct and relatable expression on their faces if their phone goes off and it’s a call as opposed to a much more convenient message. The message can come across a variety of platforms, be it WhatsApp or text – the list goes on. We love messages so much that mobile phone users in the UK receive almost 34,000 messages and alerts a year, new research has revealed.

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  • Study Finds Tablet Games Help Your Dog as They Age

    Dogs are just like any other member of the family, quite often being more treasured in fact. But being the favourite can mean you are pampered and doted on a little too excessively. As we all know, dogs require a level of discipline, stimulation, and a realistic amount of mental exercise. These factors change with age, but they’re still important even as dogs age. Unfortunately, in many cases, owners get a little too slack on training and stimulation, leading to pooches getting away with lazing around.

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  • Samsung to Recycle Smartphone Batteries For Electric Cars

    In a time when recycling needs to be at the forefront of businesses minds, there’s good news coming from battery supplier Samsung SDI, as it has declared it’s set to recycle cobalt from used smartphone batteries as a method of securing metal supplies.

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