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  • Apple May Owe You a Parts Replacement on Your iPhone 8

    Red iPhone 8

    If you brought an iPhone 8 at the beginning of the year and are experiencing difficulties with it, then your luck may be about to turn.

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  • Embarrassing Blunder For Google on Pixel 2 Marketing Campaign

    Close-up of the Google Pixel 2 phone and its camera.

    In the battle of smartphone photography capabilities, every brand is looking to be considered number one. We’ve seen the smartphone develop over the last year, offering two high megapixel cameras on the back, a true tone flash and technology such as HDR that provide professional-style photographs from mobile devices. Arguably, Apple is leading the way with their latest iPhone offerings, and with three new iPhones set to be released onto the commercial marketplace very soon, it’s safe to say they have affirmed their place at the top when it comes to smartphone camera abilities.

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  • Lenovo Yoga Tab: A Great Alternative to the iPad

    Apple Devices

    Despite traditional tablets being a declining market in the face of competition from modern detachable laptops and smartphones that are ever-increasing in size, these handy devices are still hugely popular items in households across the country. With social media and on-demand sites such as Netflix and YouTube becoming increasingly prominent in all of our lives, and a need to spend less time stuck to our mobile phones, the ability to have these modern tools easily available to us, with a screen that is larger than your mobile but still portable, makes tablets a very useful device.

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  • How the Samsung Galaxy Tablets Help Your Productivity

    A woman uses a Samsung tablet to draw an illustration of a dog.

    Credited as “one of the most versatile tablets ever created” by Forbes, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a great option for those who need an adaptable and useful tablet for their everyday needs. This can also be said for its newly released update in the Galaxy Tablet S4 that has been noticed by reviewers for offering a tablet that levels up in terms of providing a tablet that shifts from play to work so seamlessly. In a world where the tablet market seems unstable and limited in its developments, it’s refreshing to see Samsung distinguish itself as a market leader, committed to delivering tablets that meet the needs of the modern-day consumer.

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