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  • 8 New Phone Accessories from 2018

    user holds iPhone around lights.As great as our modern mobile phones are, sometimes there are little extras we want to make them absolutely perfect – longer battery life, a stronger case, or better for taking pictures. In this article, we look at our favourite new accessories from 2018 that are sure to supercharge your phone experience this Christmas!

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  • How Mobile Phone Batteries are Evolving

    Companies have been innovating around smartphones for decades, and cell batteries are no exception. We look at how phone batteries have evolved since the first mobile in 1973, and what the future of our mobile phones could look like.

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  • Samsung Announces a World’s First Foldable Smartphone

    We’ve mentioned before about how Lenovo’s innovative new tablet range is shaking up the previously static tablet market. But Samsung’s new smartphone tablets are showing us where another future could lie in phablet devices. Their new smartphone can fold down the middle and seamlessly swap to phone from tablet size, unlike anything else available on the market.

    It’s not technically going to be the world’s ‘first’ foldable smartphone – the recently announced Royole FlexPai is stealing some of Samsung’s limelight as a new ‘foldable phone’, but even before then the ZTE Axon M was a ‘foldable’ phone, made of two screens connected on a hinge. However, Samsung’s new foldable phone is backed by a huge company hoping to make their phone a mainstream commercial success. Because of this awesome new technology, we at Celicious want to explain everything we know about the new Samsung handset.

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  • Top 7 Last-Minute Christmas Prezzies for Techie Coworkers

    As we get further into November, festive feelings are flowing, and Christmas shopping is underway. Most people will still be on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gifts for their family and friends, and for the tech-savvy workmate, a new tech gadget may just offer the perfect solution! We share our top seven picks for your techie coworkers over Christmas time.

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