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  • The Common Places Where You Could Be Getting Hacked

    Remote work gives us the luxury of working wherever it suits us and our busy schedules. While for most of us, this will be our homes; for others, it could be a favourite café or public transport. Technology has made it easier to work away from an office setting, with laptops being light and portable, while our mobiles can be used to answer emails on the go. These handy devices help us to utilise the most of our time, especially if our jobs take us on the move. This may be good news for business productivity levels, but it does come with some pitfalls that many of us may be overlooking.

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  • Spring Clean Your Devices

    We love our shiny smartphone screens, so it’s a shame they can’t stay as shiny as when we first buy them. The glass displays seem to attract and hold onto every bit of dust, dirt or fingerprints it comes into contact with daily.

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  • New Apple iPhones to Take on Samsung?

    News feeds have been filled recently with the leaks on Apple’s 2019 upgrades to the iPhone (presumed to be called the iPhone 11). Despite the excitement, Forbes reported that “Apple does not appear to have anything to offer”, disappointing international consumers who were expecting some new features to rival Samsung’s recent release.

    An Apple factory building.

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  • Can You Use Your Phone with a Cracked Screen?

    Gone are the days of the brick Nokia’s that seemed to bounce off the floor; when you drop a phone, your first thought goes to the state of the glass screen. Turning it over, you see the web of cracks along the display, and you feel your heart sink in your chest. You’ve been so careful about keeping your phone intact and one little accident results in disaster.

    Illustration of a broken phone.

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