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  • Is the Razer Phone 2 Worth It?

    Razer is known for its awesome gaming products – headsets, keyboards, hardware and mice. The Razer totes their newest device as the best gaming experience you can get on a smartphone. From its astronomically powerful hardware to its stripped-back and simplified Android operating system, everything about this phone is designed to be as powerful and effective as possible.

    However, some people don’t think that you can get a good gaming experience on a mobile device. Smartphones are not the same as gaming computers, after all. And with a release price of £779, it is hardly cheap. In this article, we cover our review of the Razer Phone 2. Does the phone meet the hype, or does it fall flat?

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  • Why Smartphone Sales Will Decline in 2019

    This might come as a shock to some: the mobile phone market is booming, after all. But almost every expert in mobile phone manufacturing and the smartphone market believes that fewer phones are going to be sold this year.

    This is for many reasons, but the main one being that mobile phones are lasting longer and are more expensive, meaning people have less need to buy a new phone and don’t want to shell out the money to get the latest piece of tech.

    In this article, we go into depth and explore why mobile phone sales are down, and what the big players in the industry are hoping to do about it. Read on to peek behind the curtain of the occasionally-secretive mobile phone industry and learn more about what is going on in the world of smartphones!

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  • Why Huawei’s New Phone Costs Two Thousand Pounds

    Does this sound familiar? You look at two similar products in a store, one of them costs £3, while the other one costs £1.50. You decide to pick up the more expensive one. After all, doesn’t higher price means better quality?

    This strategy of premium pricing – sometimes called prestige pricing – has been common in the smartphone industry for a long time. When Apple first announced the iPhone, it deliberately priced it at the highest end of the market to signal it was the most cutting-edge, innovative, amazing phone on the market. For the last ten years, Apple has had a monopoly on the prestige mobile phone. However, with the new foldable Mate X, Huawei’s latest smartphone to enter the market, the Chinese firm is challenging Apple’s right to be the sole premium smartphone. Read on for how Huawei is hoping to challenge the world’s biggest tech company – and why their two thousand pound phone might just be a groundbreaking shift in the market.

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