6 Dumb Things You Are Doing with Your Smartphone

As the name would suggest, smartphones are incredibly intelligent, but sometimes we, the users, aren’t so clever. There are numerous things we are doing with our devices that are unnecessary and quite frankly, silly. We are told many myths when it comes to how we use our smartphones, so we are going to put them straight! We take a look at some of the ridiculous things we do with our phones so you can stop using it incorrectly.

A woman holding a smartphone

1. Enabling Location Services on All Apps

Often when you first download an app, it will ask you to enable location services, and we will often click okay. By keeping location services on, you’re allowing the app to collect your location data. If you would rather not disclose this, simply turn the feature off. If you have an app that requires GPS location in order to function, alter the settings so that it is only tracking when you’re using it.

2. Overcharging Your Phone

It sounds absurd, but you could be overcharging your device. We often get into the habit of going to bed with our phone on charge as we sleep; this could be where you are going wrong. It is suggested that charging your device overnight can result is something called “trickle charge”; this is where your phone bounces between full battery and almost full battery. You may wonder what the issue is with that; the problem is that this process can cause your phone to overheat. So, stop charging your phone overnight or for prolonged periods of time and avoid charging it when it is already at 100% battery. For other ways to optimise your smartphone, take a look at our blog that gives you 26 ways to maximise the battery life!

3. Having Too Many Push Notifications

Constant push notifications are a quick way to drain your smartphone’s battery. Having your phone pinging off every minute causes your display to switch on, and this contributes to draining the battery. Additionally, the apps that have push notifications set up will constantly be roaming in the background to search for an update; this too will decrease battery life. To avoid this, simply switch off the notifications for apps that you do not need to be updated on throughout the day.

A smartphone home screen displaying loads of notifications

4. Avoiding Third-Party Chargers

While it isn’t the best idea to use a charger that is £4.00 on Amazon from a Chinese manufacturer, using a reliable third-party company to save some money is a great idea! If you lose your original charger, it can cost a lot to replace it with a genuine one. Companies such as Belkin are brilliant for providing good quality chargers at a lower price. For example, Apple can charge £40 for a plug and wire (branded) for an iPhone, whereas Belkin can offer the same (unbranded) for half the price at £20!

5. Avoiding a Case and Screen Protector

Whether you carry your smartphone in your pocket or bag, without any protection, the device can get damaged by traces of dirt and debris. Having a case can help protect the ports of your smartphone and avoid them getting clogged up and using a screen protector can shield your display from any potential damage. Common causes of scratched screens are dirt and keys, both of which can be found in pockets and bags! If you are looking to protect your phone screen, consider purchasing a matte screen protector because not only can it keep your device safe, but also offer an anti-glare filter and prevent finger smudges; bonus!

Someone using a smartphone on the beach

6. Avoid High Temperatures

It is always tempting to take your smartphone to the beach to get some summer snaps, but this could be causing more damage to your device than you think. Lithium-ion batteries are used in almost all new smartphones and don’t function as well in the heat, so it is best to keep your phone out of direct sunlight and away from hot surfaces. Additionally, smartphones have very high-quality screens, but if they are exposed to too much sunlight, the display colours can start to fade.

We hope that you can now use your smartphone to its best abilities and also care for it a little better. Do you have any more tips on how to improve the usage of smartphones? Let us know on our social media channels!

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