What Apps are Draining Your Phone’s Battery Life?

The sad reality is that regardless of how phones have advanced over the years, we still can’t rely on our mobiles to last a whole day without dying on us. And there’s nothing worse than being stuck somewhere and not being able to use your phone, for entertainment or to get in touch with someone. We can feel a little bare without our phones to keep us company.

Two phones are charging.

So, what is causing our phone’s batteries to die rapidly on us? The countless apps, of course! According to a report by mobile security firm Avast, the apps on our phones are responsible for draining the most battery power. The study collated information from around 3 million Android smartphone users and found that some of our favourite apps were responsible for power loss. Amongst the culprits are Netflix, Snapchat and Facebook; you probably guessed that already though!

But did you know there are two types of apps that drain on your battery? The ones we consume A LOT and the ones that are running in the background.

Avast found that the ten guilty Android apps running in the background are (in order):

  • Samsung Allshare
  • Samsung Security Policy Updates
  • ChatON Voice & Video Chat
  • Google Maps
  • WhatsApp Messenger
  • Facebook
  • AppLock
  • WeChat
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • DU Battery Saver

Google Maps, for example, continues to track your location in the background to ensure it can quickly cater to your enquiries. Facebook and Whatsapp will always be connected to a network to allow push notifications to come through to your phone.

However, there are also the apps we shamelessly binge that can tire our batteries. These user-launched apps include (in order):

  • Beaming Service for Samsung
  • Samsung WatchON
  • Netflix
  • Snapchat
  • LINE
  • Clean Master
  • Photo Grid
  • Super-Bright LED Torch
  • ES File Explorer File Manager
  • Amazon Shopping

If you want to discover which apps on your phone are draining your battery, you can find out in the settings menu.

For iPhones:

  • Launch settings on the home screen.
  • Find battery in the list.
  • Evaluate the last 24-hour activity and the last 10 days to get a break down of the apps using battery power.
  • You can switch to show activity also to see how many hours you use on certain apps.

For Android phones:

  • Launch settings on the home screen.
  • Find battery in the list.
  • Under the graph, you’ll find a list of the apps draining battery power.

How can you prevent your battery life from depleting? Well, according to the guys at Avast, the answer lies in changing your phone habits. Words of advice include turning off the push notifications from messaging apps and restricting the app permissions. If worst comes to worst, you could always uninstall the perpetrating apps from your phone.

We would suggest if you can’t live without your apps and notifications, invest in a wireless charger pack which you can carry around with you to charge your phone when needed. And don’t forget to protect your screen too! You’re sure to find the screen protector you need with Celicious, with everything from iPhone, Samsung to Razer and Google Pixel screen protectors.

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