The Best Podcasts of 2018

Every year there are more and more quality podcasts that come out and many more people who listen to them on their mobile phones. This year, there were so many released that we have carefully chosen four of our absolute favourites from for your pleasure. So take a look, enjoy, and if any of your favourites made the list, let us know!

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Azure blue wall decorated in Islamic styleISIS was the principal political event of 2013/14, but since its slow demise, it has fallen off of the political radar. Rukmini Callimachi, an award-winning journalist with the New York Times, released her podcast back in April called Caliphate, documenting the rise and fall of the short-lived Islamic State.

She records episodes from rooms and buildings recently occupied by the terrorist group, going through her surroundings and what happened there before she arrived. Her expert journalistic experience gives her well-founded confidence and an air of professionalism. Her interviews with former members of the Islamic State and other journalists, combined with the high production level that you can expect from any podcast done with the New York Times, means this is definitely something worth listening to.



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Capital is a gut-wrenchingly funny improvised comedy about a referendum that brings back capital punishment with a 51% majority. Technically from the end of last year, this podcast has become more and more popular since taking inspiration from the equally biting and hilarious The Thick of It to produce a sharp and relevant satire of today’s British politics.

The government in this podcast has proposed a referendum on capital punishment to please and appease potential voters and convince them to stay with mainstream parties, only to lose out by 51%. The absurdist comedy seems only to take more and more inspiration from reality.


Serial Season 3

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The podcast that arguably started it all, Serial, has released its third season, and it is a return to form for the quality podcast. Following not a single case but the entire court system for a year in Cleveland, Ohio, Serial examines the semi-broken judicial system in a single courthouse and reports on the stories of bar fights to gang war that emerge.

The new season does not follow from the original’s plot, so you can easily start straight away with the third season. Sarah Koenig, the podcast’s narrator, is as engaging as ever and is still the gold standard for many. She splits the narrative work this season with This American Life podcast host Emmanuel Dzotsi which is a refreshing change of pace that keeps the podcast interesting. All in all, if you want a solid 45-minute podcast to get you through the day, you can’t go wrong with Serial Season 3.


Articles of Interest

Seamstress sewing aprons in a busy roomTightly produced and well-researched, Articles of Interest is an in-depth look at the world of fashion and how our clothes impact and effect our lives. This six-part miniseries stitches together a story of capitalism, imperialism, culture and the split decisions of individual people with the aesthetic of clothing to weave a compact and easy-to-follow narrative. From the patriarchal politics of pockets to the strange history of Hawaiian shirts, the podcast covers a range of topics in tremendous depth.

Released only in September, the podcast is hosted by Avery Trufelman whose beautiful voice helps the podcast flow. You can hear her excitement, anger and passion in every spoken sentence. The podcast itself is set up with the help of 99% Invisible, a podcasting team from 2010 who examine architecture and design and so have a wealth of experience in making successful podcasts. Even if the subject is outside of your normal comfort area, give this one a listen: its high quality sucks you in, and the rich content means the 30-minute episodes quickly go by.


Have we mentioned your favourite podcast of 2018? Let us know in the comments or on social media! If you are interested in protecting your phone, have a look at our store for one of our mobile phone screen protectors to protect your podcast-playing device for years to come.

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