26 Ways to Maximise Your Phone Battery Life

Are you fed up with charging your phone every single night? Even though phone batteries are rarely advertised as lasting longer than 12 hours, we have some tips for boosting your phone battery above and beyond what you thought was possible. So, if your phone is at 10% and needs to last longer, try out these tips:

1 Turn Off Auto Brightness

Go to Settings > Display & Brightness, and find the tick box which says ‘Automatic Brightness’. Untick the box. Your phone will stop checking for ambient light and will keep your screen at a constant brightness.

2 Dim the light

Like before, Go to Settings > Display & Brightness. Then, reduce the brightness scale as low as possible. This reduces the effort your phones goes through to light up your phone, saving your battery.


3 Turn off Wi-Fi

Pull down the navigation bar and hold the ‘WiFi’ button to turn off the function. Your phone will shut down its Wifi functions and stop searching for WiFi signal, saving you more battery.


4 Turn off GPS

Like before, pull down the navigation bar and hold the ‘GPS’, ‘Location’ or similarly named feature to shut down GPS tracking. Your phone will stop pinging its location as a result.

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5 Turn off Mobile Data

Mobile data is one of the biggest battery drains on your phone – turn it off, particularly in areas with weak signal which weakens your battery even further.


6 Close Background Apps

The effect this has varies depending on the application – well-designed apps can multitask without really affecting your phone’s battery life, and closing apps you are going to open again half an hour later messes with the phone’s multitasking abilities and uses up RAM, a key battery drainer. However, poorly designed apps which constantly are active even in the background are battery sinks and are worth closing.


7 Do Not Vibrate

On your navigation bar, turn off vibrate on keypress, also known as haptic technology. While vibrate-on-call will not drain much battery, vibrate-on-keypress can cost your phone a few percent of battery life, which might make all the difference.


8 Disable Push Notifications

Simply having push notifications on doesn’t cause a massive drain in your battery, but if you’re the kind of person who has a lot of notifications each day, push notifications can be killer to your phone’s battery life. Turn them off to stop your energy-guzzling phone dying midday!

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9 Disable Your Email

If you can manage it and (as above) you are the kind of person who gets a lot of push notifications from your email every day, turning off auto-update will save your battery life. It also stops your phone using 3G or WiFi which drains even more charge.


10 Check Your Primary Battery Drainers

Go on your phone and go to Settings > Device > Battery or Settings > Power > Battery to see all of your apps and what battery power your phone is draining. If an app is taking up too much power, particularly when you’re not using or opening it, consider uninstalling.


11 Use Blackl

Do you use Google a lot on your phone? If so, try swapping to Blackl – an all-black version of Google run by the megacorporation designed to minimise energy use. In 2007 it was estimated that if everyone swapped  Google for Blackl, we would save over 750 Megawatts a year, and studies show the darker colours help our eyes. So if you want to squeeze every milliwatt from your phone, make the switch to the Blackl website!


12 Turn the Sound Off

This is a simple one: if your phone does not produce sound, it saves battery. So turn it to silent and keep your phone working for longer.

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13 Disable Automatic Updates

Your phone can update apps or software while not on charge, which can be a huge battery drain. Turn off the feature and check every week for app updates instead to save more battery life.


14 Choose a Dark Phone Background

Working from the same principle as Blackl, a darker phone with more black pixels means more pixels that your phone does not need to turn on, saving you more battery life.


15 Disable Phone Sensors

Go to Settings > System Apps > Call Settings and disable proximity sensors. This prevents your phone from disabling the screen when you put it to your face for a call which saves battery life by preventing your phone checking whether you are in the middle of a call or not.


16 Set an Automatic Phone Lock

If you’re the kind of person who does not remember to turn off or lock their phone when you put it down, then set an automatic lock. It both keeps your phone safe and powers off your phone screen when it is not in use.

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17 Don’t Use Siri

Voice commands through things like Siri and Google are wonderfully convenient for day-to-day hands-free living, but they also are huge battery juice guzzlers. Turning them off can be overkill, but avoid using voice commands to save even more battery.


18 Enable Power-Saving Modes

Power saving modes on your phone are, unsurprisingly, a great way to save charge. They typically do a plethora of the things mentioned above.


19 Purchase a Battery Case

As a hardware solution to expand your mobile’s battery life, combine an iPhone X screen protector with an external battery case to keep your phone protected and unlikely to run out of battery for days with this new phone technology.


20 Don’t Charge Your Battery to Full

Charging your mobile phone all the way is actually bad for the Lithium-Ion battery and will make it lose ‘maximum charge’ over time. Keep your phone charged between 50-80% to keep it working at peak performance for longer.

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21 Avoid Idle Charging

Once your phone is at 100% charge, unplug it, because charging past that limit can weaken the current that can flow through your phone and make it less effective.


22 Avoid Parasitic Loads

Parasitic loads are continuous efforts your phone has to make to support another app while your mobile is charging. In other words, using YouTube while charging your phone creates a parasitic load. This depresses the current that goes through your device and weakens the battery. Doing this often will weaken your phone battery life.


23 Keep Your Phone Battery Cool

Phone batteries become less and less able to store charge the more the battery is exposed to heat, so keep your phone out of the sun to maximise that battery life!


24 But Not Too Cold!

As we’ve covered before, your phone battery can be badly affected by the cold! As the temperature falls severely, so can the percentage of your mobile phone battery. So don’t freeze your phone to keep its battery working at peak condition.

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25 Activate Flight Mode

Flight mode, like battery saving mode, disables a litany of features on your phone which makes your device last longer. Turn on flight mode to quickly disable a lot of battery-draining phone features.


26 Replace Your Battery

If your phone is very old, then your battery may have deteriorated over time. Particularly if you have a high end phone iPhone or Android device, replacing the battery might also improve dramatically the performance of your phone as your device is more able to handle new software.


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