How to Make Your Phone Read You the Morning News

If you find yourself driving, on a morning jog, baby in your arms or can’t find your glasses, you may not be able to read the morning news on your phone easily. Not to mention, we’re all so busy that sometimes we may miss out on the critical updates that are often embarrassingly brought to light by a conversation with a friend or colleague, making us feel a little disconnected from the world around us.

A woman reading news on her phone.

With technology advancing so much over recent years, you may have also missed the memo that our mobiles can now read to us. Enter the robotic lady voice associated with most devices, and if you can handle listening to her for half an hour or so, then you may find this guide particularly useful for the times when you cannot read the news yourself. A real blessing in disguise!


For iPhones:

The great thing about iPhones is their user-friendly navigation and regular iOS updates, which means that these instructions apply to everything from the older touchscreen phones to the latest models.

  • Go to Settings on the Home Screen
  • Click General
  • Select Accessibility
  • Click Speech
  • Turn on Speak Selection or Speak Screen

Speak Selection allows you to highlight sections of text for automated speech. Alternatively, if you want the phone to read you everything on the screen, swipe two fingers down from the top of the screen. Both options will bring up a menu that allows you to change the speed of the speech, as well as fast-forward or rewind over sections and pause when required.


For Android:

If you feel you’ll want to get your phone to speak to you on a regular basis, then head to the Google Play Store and download and install the Google Text-to-speech app to your phone.

  • Go to Settings in the main menu
  • Click Accessibility
  • Turn on Select to Speak
  • When on the right page, click the Speech button in the corner

To get your phone to read the news, drag your finger over a section or tap a section or single message to be read aloud. It should be noted for most android phones you will be able to follow these instructions, however, there are some where the instructions deviate.

The handy thing about this trick is that you can get your phone to read anything to you, whether that’s ingredients for a recipe, a text or even a joke! Why not try it out on this blog right now?

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