8 New Phone Accessories from 2018

user holds iPhone around lights.As great as our modern mobile phones are, sometimes there are little extras we want to make them absolutely perfect – longer battery life, a stronger case, or better for taking pictures. In this article, we look at our favourite new accessories from 2018 that are sure to supercharge your phone experience this Christmas!

Portable Power Banks

Grey powerbank on top of a blue notebook

Portable power banks have finally reached mainstream appeal as designs have become sleek, stylish, and extremely powerful. There are very small power banks like the Anker PowerCore II, which can charge your iPhone X almost three times over while being less than four inches tall and two-and-a-half inches wide. The EC Technology, by contrast, is a beast of a power bank, able to charge your iPhone X more than five times over.

Wireless Chargers

If you’ve bought a cutting-edge phone this year, chances are it features integrating wireless charging. There are loads of these on the market, but look out for those that are Qi-certified, meaning they meet the standard set by the Wireless Power Consortium - the experts on wireless charging technology. The Belkin Boost Up is compatible with all iPhones from the iPhone 8 onwards, and can even charge through the case of your phone, making it more convenient than ever.

Camera Accessories

iPhone on a tripod taking a photo of a city at night

As phones get better and better at taking pictures, it is almost inevitable that camera accessories develop to help you make your photos more eye-catching. One recent favourite is Manfrotto’s new tripod for most smartphones, which can hold your camera perfectly still in its reliable and modern design.

Waterproof Cases

One area of innovation that doesn’t get too much coverage is in waterproof phone cases. In the last few years, there have been many awesome new cases that provide huge amounts of protection to your mobile device. The CaliCase Universal Waterproof Floating Case is one example of this: using two layers of PV plastic, your phone not only becomes waterproof but floats upwards when submerged in water! The case is double-sided and crystal clear, so you can even take the phone purposefully with you underwater and take new pictures, safe in the knowledge that your phone is protected.

VR Headsets

Woman celebrating while wearing a VR headset

As VR becomes more and more mainstream, there are now some sets compatible with your phone to give you an amazing viewing experience on the go. The BlitzWolf has gorgeous and soft fake leather which makes it comfortable to wear and is durable thanks to its nanocoating design. The Merge VR Goggles are wonderful with the iPhone X as well and come at a fantastically low price.

Photo Printer

As convenient as it is to be able to take and see pictures on your phone, sometimes it is just better to have a physical print to show your friends. That’s why wi-fi enabled printers, especially ones that are easily compatible with mobile phones, have become so popular. The Lifeprint 3x4.5 photo printer is great because it lets you print out a (3” x4.5”) photo via your phone easily thanks to the Lifeprint app, and is very portable so you can print wherever you like. Each picture even comes with a sticker on its back so you can stick them anywhere!

Screen Protectors

Celicious iPhone X screen protector with brown three-dimensional background

If you need extra privacy when it comes to using your smartphones, we definitely recommend taking a look at our 4-way privacy screen protectors. Using cutting-edge technology specifically designed for your mobile phone, screen protectors can protect your confidential information without compromising on the quality feel of your phone. We provide protective screens for Android phones and a range of iPhones, including the XR, XS, and iPhone X screen protectors.

Phone Drones

If you really want a cool phone accessory to impress everyone you know, you can get your hands on a camera drone. Selfly is a phone case that comes with a detachable autonomous camera drone latched to your device. Just pop out its motors, put in a micro SD card, so you have somewhere to save the pictures, connect it to your phone via Wi-Fi, open the selfly app and start flying! When it takes off, selfly autonomously hovers at five feet, the perfect height to take pictures of you and your friends. The device is easily controllable from your mobile device, so you will be able to enjoy it for hours and get that perfect shot.

Are there any more mobile phone accessories you’ve got your hands on recently that you love? Let us know on social media or in the comments below! And for more present ideas check out Top 7 Presents for Techie Coworkers!

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