Samsung’s Galaxy S10 has a Fatal Flaw

Everyone is excited for the upcoming release of Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy S10 smartphones, especially as a new version promises to provide a significant upgrade on the current model. All sounds good so far; however, reports are coming in that Samsung may have ignored a significant design flaw in the devices that could deter people from purchasing.

Prototype of the new Samsung Galaxy S10.

Forbes released the news that the devices may be incompatible with screen protectors! (Yes – we were shocked, too!). The discovery was found in testing by ArmadilloTek – a tech accessory company based in Dallas – who realised they could not protect the screen when they were playing around with a prototype.

You may be thinking: ‘how does the phone not support a screen protector?’ The culprit, here, is the innovative, ultrasonic fingerprint reader incorporated into the display which does not work when a screen protector is applied.

The manufacturer claims that the sensors for this piece of fingerprint technology are the fastest and most secure to reach the market. According to Forbes, it was “meant to be a big differentiator against both standard fingerprint readers and Apple’s Face ID facial unlock system.” With competitor’s secure technology systems being compatible with screen protectors, Samsung has certainly achieved this but perhaps not in the way they would have liked.

Despite this shortcoming, the Galaxy S10 is still predicted to make a big splash in the market considering its other tantalising design assets. Reports indicate that the device will feature an all-screen display which significantly reduces the bezel space at the top of the phone, offering a screen experience like no other. Other rumours include a camera cut-out embedded within the right-hand side of the screen bezel – a design modification on the camera notch that has been annoying smartphone buyers everywhere for several years now. Add this to the fact other leaks have hinted to a triple-lens rear camera with DSLR camera technology, and the S10 may have a lot of people sold on it.

If that wasn’t enough, the S10 is expected to please smartphone buyers with one terabyte of internal storage and support 5G. Reverse wireless charging will also allow S10 owners to share their batter power with other smartphones.

The phone is expected to launch in three models ranging in specs, size and price, similar to the latest Apple iPhone releases. The S10 will start at an entry-level Galaxy S10 Lite working up to the Galaxy S10 Plus.

The phone models are anticipated to come in a range of colours too, according to a report by German publication WinFuture, with users able to choose from classic black, stylish white and trendy green. The Lite will even have the option of a yellow version, the magazine reported. Dependent on the results of sales, a blue version, similar to the S9, could be launched at a later date.

Understandably, people have been interested to see what this new Galaxy is like, and there have been many leaks on social media in the run-up to the official launch date, including shots of a prototype being used on a bus in South Korea last month.

The phone will launch onto the market on Wednesday 20th February, with phones expected to hit store shelves as early as this week in preparation for the hype.

The Galaxy S10 certainly promises a lot of great features, but the fact that it cannot support a screen will be a deal-breaker for us, and for other safety-conscious buyers out there who can’t live without their anti-shock screen protectors! Better luck next time Samsung.

Image credit: under CC 2.0

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