Nintendo Plans to Enter Smartphone Market

Nintendo has been involved in the mobile phone market for a few years, but not as a software developer. The Japanese company has dipped its toe into different business ventures, but the rumour they are intending to enter the mobile phone market is much more interesting.

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According to a report from DigiTimes, Nintendo, along with other hardware makers Vivo and Xiaomi, is expanding their presence in the mobile software market. Nintendo, particularly, is said to be making steps in the gaming phone market.

The company’s plans are still unclear, and nothing official has yet been announced, but rumours have mentioned that Nintendo is planning to launch a handset that can be integrated with the popular Switch consoles. This implies that an almost superior gaming phone could be entering the market in the next few years.

Fans of Nintendo have been happy to hear the news, as many have been urging the company for years to join the mobile gaming industry. The company has previously made a considerable impact into gaming on phones with the release of Pokémon Go on Android and iOS, in collaboration Niantic. The game was hugely successful on its release and gained 147 million active users as of 2018.

Nintendo might learn something from Razer about the gaming handset market. There are also rumours of a possible launch of the Razer 3 smartphone later this year, which is likely to boost the tech company’s competitiveness in the market. Though Razer has not released details of the third edition of its smartphone, you can read about whether the Razer 2 is worth it here.

Razer hasn’t been in the manufacturing of smartphones for long, unlike Vivo and Xiaomi, who have some experience. Though there are several gaming phones on the market such as the Razer Phone 2, Xiaomi Black Shark and Huawei Mate 20 Pro, there isn’t one which truly stands out. As such, it will be interesting to see whether Nintendo breaks into the market and the impact such a phone will have.

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