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  • 6 Most Common Phone Faults and Their Solutions

    Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the last decade, so fast in fact that we see new and improved iterations of the top devices on an annual basis. Although these advancements have led to some truly amazing technology – Face ID, Contactless phone payments and Touch ID to name a few – the devices are not without their common faults. In this article, we take a look at some of the most common mobile phone faults that plague devices across the spectrum, and how they can be solved.

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  • 10 Most Secure Phones on the Planet

    You’ll be hard-pressed to find a phone on the market nowadays that doesn’t have some hardware and software combination aimed at securing your phone. As hackers become smarter, phone manufacturers realise the need to prioritise security over superficial design elements to secure customers. These security features could include encryption technology, facial recognition and iris scanners, for example. Yet, even these security measures could be hacked by a person with the right know-how.

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  • Why Smartphone Sales Will Decline in 2019

    This might come as a shock to some: the mobile phone market is booming, after all. But almost every expert in mobile phone manufacturing and the smartphone market believes that fewer phones are going to be sold this year.

    This is for many reasons, but the main one being that mobile phones are lasting longer and are more expensive, meaning people have less need to buy a new phone and don’t want to shell out the money to get the latest piece of tech.

    In this article, we go into depth and explore why mobile phone sales are down, and what the big players in the industry are hoping to do about it. Read on to peek behind the curtain of the occasionally-secretive mobile phone industry and learn more about what is going on in the world of smartphones!

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  • Can You Use Your Phone with a Cracked Screen?

    Gone are the days of the brick Nokia’s that seemed to bounce off the floor; when you drop a phone, your first thought goes to the state of the glass screen. Turning it over, you see the web of cracks along the display, and you feel your heart sink in your chest. You’ve been so careful about keeping your phone intact and one little accident results in disaster.

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