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  • How to Protect Your Eyes When Using Your Smartphone

    When we think of protection regarding smartphone devices, our attention usually focusses on the safety of our phones over the wellbeing of one of our most important features – our eyes.

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  • Samsung’s Galaxy S10 has a Fatal Flaw

    Everyone is excited for the upcoming release of Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy S10 smartphones, especially as a new version promises to provide a significant upgrade on the current model. All sounds good so far; however, reports are coming in that Samsung may have ignored a significant design flaw in the devices that could deter people from purchasing.

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  • How Does the New MacBook Air Measure Up?

    Apple MacBook Air with wireless Apple Mouse

    The MacBook Air is apparently the entry-level cheap subnotebook for Apple laptop users. Apparently, we say, because nobody seems to have told Apple that. With a starting price on release of £1,399 (now dropping to a still eye-watering £949), it was just £50 cheaper than the MacBook Pro, and it is still is a compromise in features for that slight saving.

    Now that the device’s price has stabilised at £949 (the MacBook Pro now starts at £1,149), we take a look at whether the device is worth it for today’s users. Continue reading

  • Which Screen Protector Material is Best?

    Every day your devices are at risk of damage. From potential accidents in the home to hazards outside, there are many instances where you could easily break or scratch your mobile gadgets.

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