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  • New Gorilla Glass 6: Will Your Smartphone Screens Be Unbreakable?

    iPhone with a broken screen.

    Corning, a glass-making company, has unveiled their latest version of the Gorilla Glass - the material utilised in the majority of our favourite smartphone displays. The new Gorilla Glass 6 is a chemically-strengthened, compressed glass which Corning has claimed is twice as likely to survive being dropped than its predecessor (Gorilla Glass 5).

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  • How to Use Your Phones in the British Sunshine

    A man using his phone to take a picture of the sea.

    Finally- the British summer has arrived, providing us with some long-awaited spells of glorious sunshine.

    On days like this, we head to the local drinking hole or the park for picnics, and just as you go to take a photo of your friends, family or loved ones, you can’t see a thing on your phone because of the blinding shine from the phone screen. It’s a problem everyone has experienced at one point or another during the summer period.

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  • Mobile Phones Vital for SME Operations

    Businessman uses mobile phone.According to research from mobile-phone operator Three, small businesses rely on their smartphones for all their business needs. The findings show that 81% of the 1,000 UK-based small businesses agree that the technology on their phones is much more advanced than those on other business devices.

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  • Thoughtful Tweet Becomes Global Debate: Do We Dream of Smartphones?

    A phone on a bedside table.

    Smartphones are a part of our everyday lives, and it will be hard to find someone who doesn’t at least own one nowadays. According to statistics by Statista, next year will see an estimated 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world - that’s over 32% of the world’s estimated population for 2019! (Let’s just consider that a segment of that population will also be too young to use a phone, and that’s quite a substantial amount of mobile users going about their everyday lives!).

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