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  • Shady Replacement Parts Can Compromise Phone Security

    Hacking activity is increasing over recent years, especially hacks done through malicious intent for financial gain, spying or blackmail. The Balance recently reported that hacking has “boomed over the past few years”; they accredited this increase in malicious cyber-attacks down to hackers advancing quicker than “white hat hackers who specialise in figuring out how the bad black hat hackers plan their attacks.”

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  • How Does Blue Light Filtering Work?

    Spending too much time on your screens can result in health issues that can impact your life. In this feature, we’re going to explore more about blue light, why it can be harmful to your eyes and the things you can do to prevent the damage from blue light exposure.

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  • Apple has Patented a Folding iPhone. Why This is Such a Big Deal.

    As we’ve briefly mentioned already, Apple’s foldable phone patent is big news. The patent means the company will almost certainly be working on a foldable iPhone in the near future. While it will take at least a couple of years before anything starts to hit the market, just the fact that Apple is beginning to explore this technology is enormous news. In this article, we go through some of the big things it means for the tech world at large, and mobile phones in the near future.

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  • Why 2019 is the Year of the Foldable Phone

    We recently reported on Huawei’s latest phone announcement: The Huawei Mate X. What made this announcement stand out from all the rest was the innovative phone design: a foldable phone with an impressive screen experience! In this feature, we’re going to explore why the foldable phones are making such an impact on the market and why all the major manufacturers are scrambling to make their foldable phones public this year. Of course, no great tech feature would be complete without investigating the rumours around these upcoming releases. A pile of smartphones.

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