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  • How to Keep Your Phone Safe from Damage

    There’s nothing more heartbreaking than shattering the screen of your most beloved gadget. Most of us have felt our hearts drop when we watch our phones slow-mo to the ground, dramatically hit the floor and turn them over to reveal the extent of the damage. Not only does a break ruin their aesthetic but it can sometimes wreak havoc with the way they function.

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  • What is Visual Hacking, and How it Affects You

    Have you ever been in a public place and wondered if someone is looking over your shoulder as you’re entering your password into your phone or laptop? Just like at a cash machine, we try to protect our private data from onlookers, but there is always an inherent risk when we take our corporate devices with us when we travel, or even when we use our private mobile devices in a public place.

    This risk of visual hacking is growing in the modern world. In this guide, we cover what is visual hacking and how we mitigate the associated dangers.

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  • Does My Phone Need a VPN?

    In this beginner’s guide to VPNs, we explain precisely what a VPN is, how it works, and why you might want to start using one. An excellent mobile phone screen protector will defend your phone from external damage, and a privacy screen will stop snoopers who peer over your shoulder, but a VPN can protect you from internet spies. The technology-savvy amongst you should consider boosting your phone’s defences with a VPN.

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  • How to Make Your Phone Read You the Morning News

    If you find yourself driving, on a morning jog, baby in your arms or can’t find your glasses, you may not be able to read the morning news on your phone easily. Not to mention, we’re all so busy that sometimes we may miss out on the critical updates that are often embarrassingly brought to light by a conversation with a friend or colleague, making us feel a little disconnected from the world around us.

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