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  • Our Guide to the World’s First Blockchain Phone

    Blockchain is a complicated but revolutionary new technology. At its core, it means creating unchangeable and encrypted distributed ledgers on everyone’s device that contains user information. By distributing and decentralising the ledger, nobody has the ability to change the data – if you edit your device’s information, then the other devices will still have their ledgers containing the unedited information, and will ‘correct’ your device once you try to engage with the rest of the digital system. Many tech experts herald this as a game-changing double-entry bookkeeping system for the internet era.

    However, this technology is relatively abstract – it applies to code and digital information. So when Phil Chen, the inventor of the HTC Vive, announced he was teaming up with the creator of LiteCoin (Charlie Lee) to invent the world’s first blockchain phone, there was a lot of confusion about what that meant.

    We at Celicious seek to break down this new technology to understand how important this new phone might be.

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  • 8 Tablets for your Partner for Christmas

    It’s that time of year again. If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift for that special loved one, a tablet is a fantastic present. There’s one out there for everyone, from the tech savvy looking for something cutting edge to big-screened and easy-to-use tablets for the hard of sight – take a look at our top eight tablets to buy your loved one this Christmas.

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  • What You Need to Know about the New iPad Pro 11

    The new iPad Pro 11 is an insanely high-tech device with a massive number of upgrades to the already amazing iPad Pro 10.5. According to Apple, this new model is “the iPad we wanted to make from the beginning”, heaping praise on the new design to make it everything professionals could want. Does the new tablet deserve the recognition it is getting? We at Celicious look into the key changes between the iPad Pro and the basic iPad, as well as the previous edition of the device, the iPad Pro 10.5.Woman using iPad on a sofa with her dog Continue reading

  • Is Lenovo’s New Smart Tab Range going to shake up the tablet market?

    In the last few months, Lenovo has made a flurry of announcements around its new Smart Tab tablets and the accessories that work with it. Here, we take a look at the new products by Lenovo and think about what it could mean for the future of tablet technology.

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