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  • What Apps are Draining Your Phone’s Battery Life?

    The sad reality is that regardless of how phones have advanced over the years, we still can’t rely on our mobiles to last a whole day without dying on us. And there’s nothing worse than being stuck somewhere and not being able to use your phone, for entertainment or to get in touch with someone. We can feel a little bare without our phones to keep us company.

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  • 26 Ways to Maximise Your Phone Battery Life

    Are you fed up with charging your phone every single night? Even though phone batteries are rarely advertised as lasting longer than 12 hours, we have some tips for boosting your phone battery above and beyond what you thought was possible. So, if your phone is at 10% and needs to last longer, try out these tips:

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  • The Best Podcasts of 2018

    Every year there are more and more quality podcasts that come out and many more people who listen to them on their mobile phones. This year, there were so many released that we have carefully chosen four of our absolute favourites from for your pleasure. So take a look, enjoy, and if any of your favourites made the list, let us know!

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  • How to Sell Your Phone for the Most Money

    You can make hundreds of pounds selling your mobile phone, particularly if it is a high-quality one like the iPhone X or a Samsung S9. There are dozens of mobile phone companies now working online and in stores to buy old devices and sell them on to other customers. We've recently covered how to buy a second hand phone, and in this article we are looking to sell one. So if you're looking to upgrade to a new model but do not know what to do with your old one, follow our guide to get yourself as much money as you can for your mobile.

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