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  • A Comparison of iOS and Android Features

    iOS for Apple phones and Android for Samsung and Huawei, amongst others, can easily be considered the most prominent players when it comes to smartphone software. Die-hard fans of one or the other are reluctant to make the switch from iOS to Android devices and vice versa. As such, we have put together a comparison of some of the main features to help buyers make informed decisions if you are planning on making a switch.

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  • Nintendo Plans to Enter Smartphone Market

    Nintendo has been involved in the mobile phone market for a few years, but not as a software developer. The Japanese company has dipped its toe into different business ventures, but the rumour they are intending to enter the mobile phone market is much more interesting.

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  • Why Connecting to Unknown Wi-Fi Networks is so Risky

    When out and about and you need an internet connection but are all out of data, a public Wi-Fi hotspot is the only option. However, before you do connect, it is important to understand the risks of connecting to public or unknown Wi-Fi, especially when there is sensitive data on your mobile phone.

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  • 7 Key Practices for Phone Security

    Privacy is becoming increasingly important particularly when it concerns our devices. Our smartphones are a lot more precious to us than wallet and keys and hold a lot of personal information. A four-number passcode is not really enough to prevent someone from getting into our phone and stealing sensitive data, but there are some simple practices to implement which will help keep your phone and information secure.

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