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  • Why Huawei’s New Phone Costs Two Thousand Pounds

    Does this sound familiar? You look at two similar products in a store, one of them costs £3, while the other one costs £1.50. You decide to pick up the more expensive one. After all, doesn’t higher price means better quality?

    This strategy of premium pricing – sometimes called prestige pricing – has been common in the smartphone industry for a long time. When Apple first announced the iPhone, it deliberately priced it at the highest end of the market to signal it was the most cutting-edge, innovative, amazing phone on the market. For the last ten years, Apple has had a monopoly on the prestige mobile phone. However, with the new foldable Mate X, Huawei’s latest smartphone to enter the market, the Chinese firm is challenging Apple’s right to be the sole premium smartphone. Read on for how Huawei is hoping to challenge the world’s biggest tech company – and why their two thousand pound phone might just be a groundbreaking shift in the market.

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  • The Common Places Where You Could Be Getting Hacked

    Remote work gives us the luxury of working wherever it suits us and our busy schedules. While for most of us, this will be our homes; for others, it could be a favourite café or public transport. Technology has made it easier to work away from an office setting, with laptops being light and portable, while our mobiles can be used to answer emails on the go. These handy devices help us to utilise the most of our time, especially if our jobs take us on the move. This may be good news for business productivity levels, but it does come with some pitfalls that many of us may be overlooking.

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  • Spring Clean Your Devices

    We love our shiny smartphone screens, so it’s a shame they can’t stay as shiny as when we first buy them. The glass displays seem to attract and hold onto every bit of dust, dirt or fingerprints it comes into contact with daily.

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  • New Apple iPhones to Take on Samsung?

    News feeds have been filled recently with the leaks on Apple’s 2019 upgrades to the iPhone (presumed to be called the iPhone 11). Despite the excitement, Forbes reported that “Apple does not appear to have anything to offer”, disappointing international consumers who were expecting some new features to rival Samsung’s recent release.

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