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  • The Celicious Authentik Carbon Fibre Case: ‘Awesomeness Encapsulated’

    Isn’t it frustrating spending your hard earned cash on a new iPhone, only for it to be scratched the very next day? You saved up and maybe even queued up and now it’s damaged already. You drop it, the keys in your pocket scratch it, and your cat decides to sharpen its claws on it. Before you know it, your sparkly new iPhone has been through the mill!

    You have great intentions, there’s no doubt about it. For the first day, maybe even two or three days you gently caress it, set it down softly and wrap it in cotton wool just like a new born baby. “This time will be different” you say…..sure it will! Before you know it, life gets busy and you’re throwing your new phone about like an old rag doll.

    STOP right there! Don’t worry; at Celicious we have the perfect solution especially for you. Check out the all new sleek and stylish Celicious Authentik Carbon Fibre Case for the iPhone.

    Carbon fibre case

    It’ll help keep your swanky new iPhone looking like new right up until your next upgrade. Not only does it look AMAZING, in its all black Carbon Fibre greatness but it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand while offering excellent protection for your precious iPhone.

    So all this talk about Carbon Fibre, but what exactly is it you ask?

    Carbon Fibre consists of thin strands of Carbon, twisted together like yarn which are in turn woven together. The resulting Carbon Fibre has a high strength to weight ratio, basically meaning that it will protect your iPhone without weighing it down. Don’t you feel enlightened now?

    Engineers love the stuff. If it’s good enough for a Formula 1 car racing around Silverstone at over 300 km/h, rest assured it’s good enough for your iPhone! Not only will it offer you excellent protection from scratches, but the pure black Carbon Fibre looks smart and sophisticated.

    As if that wasn’t enough, the Celicious Authentik Carbon Fibre Case is extremely thin and perfectly formed, offering superior comfort. With its ergonomic design, the smooth curves fit seamlessly around your phone and are aesthetically pleasing to touch and feel. With cut-outs in all the right places, the cover allows easy access to all the functions you could possibly need.

    So if you want excellent protection for your iPhone, while ensuring it’s still slim enough and light enough to carry around in your pocket then this is the iPhone protective case for you. Not only that, you’ll look great!

    This case comes carefully presented in a beautifully designed, matt black box sporting the Celicious brand. It’s sealed with the iconic Celicious fingerprint sticker tabs, and inside is a comfortable foam bed for your super new case. It’s the perfect gift.

    In addition, the Celicious Authentik Carbon Fibre Case is fully compatible with the Celicious Screen Protector range. Consider yourself informed.

    Available Now for the following models: Apple iPhone 6 Apple iPhone 6s Apple iPhone 6 Plus Apple iPhone 6s Plus

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