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  • Tech Rumors: iPhone 7

    Earlier this week, rumours about the new iPhone began flying in the wake of a few leaks about Apple’s newest product. While the iPhone 6 and 6S came with some minor upgrades, it’s been a while since the phone got a major makeover. Apple usually launches new designs every two years, so many are hoping that this most recent update will give tech lovers the overhaul they’ve been longing for. The rumours about the phone, which is reportedly scheduled for release in September 2016, include speculations on its design, features, functionality and price.

    By far the most talked-about change is the revamp of the iconic iPhone home button. Instead of the familiar white button used for Touch ID, the new “button” will actually be a touch sensitive part that blends seamlessly with the screen and uses haptic feedback to simulate the feeling of a button when pressed. Some think this feature is a stepping-stone for Apple’s for next year’s iPhone, which is believed to look like a single sheet of glass.

    Others say that the iPhone 7 will be more “rugged” than its predecessors, and more resistant to water and dust. The camera will most likely have even more megapixels than the 12 boasted by the 6S, and leaked photos have a much larger lens on the rear facing camera.

    In terms of the 7’s system, the phone’s anticipated release date lines up nicely with the launch of iOS 10, introducing a much smarter Siri, new messaging capabilities and a “Rise to Wake” feature that changes the way the phone lights up.

    With major updates come major increases in cost, but certain leaks indicate the iPhone 7 will cost approximately the same as the 6S, around $650, but that the 7 will include more gigabytes of storage.

  • Clumsy? Then the Celicious Impact Screen Protector is for you!

    How often have you been using your phone while walking down the street or up a flight of stairs, only to drop it and shatter the screen? Or maybe you accidentally left it lying on the roof of your car while you backed out of the driveway. Perhaps you just have a tendency to knock your phone against hard surfaces. If this sounds like you in any way, you need a way to protect your precious, delicate phone screen from yourself.

    The Impact Screen Protector from Celicious is the perfect option for clumsy techies who want (or need) to protect their screens from spills, drops and bumps. Impact is a thin, film-based screen protector designed to protect your phone from damage. It features moderate anti-shock resistance for those times when your phone goes tumbling to the ground, resisting sudden shock and absorbing some of the impact. It also keeps those regular scuffs, scratches, knocks and dings that come from daily use off of your screen.

    Impact, like all of Celicious’ screen protectors, is highly responsive to touch, so it won’t interfere with the function of your touch screen smart phone. It also won’t peel away with regular use, and doesn’t leave a stick residue on your phone screen.

    The Impact Screen Protector is available for many devices and brands, including iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4 and the Microsoft Surface Book.

    If you want to add a case or skin alongside your screen protector, Celicious sells stylish cases for an additional layer of device protection.

  • Travel Photography Using a Smart Phone

    Summer is here, and with it come much-anticipated summer vacations. From epic wilderness adventures to city escapes and cross-country road trips to international journeys, you’ll want to document the beautiful views and incredible moments so you can remember your trip for years to come. You don’t need to be a professional photographer or have expensive cameras and equipment to take great photos. In fact, you really only need a smartphone and a few expert tips to document your vacation like a pro.

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  • The Celicious TPU Buffer Case Series– ‘Resilient Protection’

    Can you believe it? You drop your new iPhone on the concrete and it doesn't bounce back into your hand! How frustrating. Drop it once and you may be lucky enough to get away unscathed. Drop it twice, and well.....you know the ending to that story, and it’s not pretty!

    Do not stress. There is a solution that will protect your expensive new iPhone 6s that you worked so hard for. The all new Celicious TPU Buffer Case for ultimate protection. That’s the solution you need.

    Celicious Buffer Case

    You see, at Celicious we care. We care about you and your beautiful new phone. That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to create this fantastic Buffer Case that has so much to offer.

    Firstly, it’s made from TPU. “So what exactly is that?” you may ask. Well, if you really must know, it stands for Thermoplastic Polyuerethane, which is a mixture of hard and soft components. The resulting material is extremely versatile and elastic, offering excellent durability.

    That’s all well and good, but what does it do for you? The resulting Celicious TPU Buffer Case is flexible enough to easily fit around your new iPhone 6s like a glove. It will never stretch or lose its shape. But here comes the best bit, it will absorb a lot of the shock if you continue to drop it on the concrete for fun. It will suck up the energy like a hoover on caffeine! As if that wasn't enough, it looks smarter than a celebrity in a tuxedo swaggering down the red carpet.

    While we’re on the topic of shock absorption, there is a VERY important point to take note of here. The design of the Celicious Buffer Case is not comparable to all the other basic TPU cases on the market. No, that’s not how we roll. We trust by now you've come to know us better than that!

    To expand, you will notice there is a very special ‘chevron’ design of the TPU material on the inner edge of the Buffer Case. This design helps to divert the full impact away from the contact area of the phone during a hard knock, by more equally distributing the energy all around. This results in better overall protection for your iPhone.

    Don’t you just love how your new iPhone looks? You like people to notice it when you hold it up to your ear, right? It goes without saying that you want to preserve and protect it with the best cover there is, but wouldn't it be nice to still see the design underneath? I mean why buy an Apple iPhone and hide THAT logo!

    The Buffer Case is transparent. Yep, that’s right, you can see through it. Available in a range of colours, the clear case is just that; crystal clear. The gold and black options are still see through with a hint of colour.

    We all know the Apple iPhone 6s has an excellent array of features and functions. Rest assured that the Celicious Buffer Case won’t get in the way. Yes, it engulfs your phone for ultimate protection but it doesn't obstruct any features, buttons or ports. We've taken extra care when designing it, to ensure you’re good to go.

    Oh, we should mention that the Celicious Buffer Case is also fully compatible with the Celicious Screen Protector range. Imagine that. It just keeps getting better.

    Now Available for: iPhone 6s/iPhone 6

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