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  • 11 Ways to Keep Your iPhone Secure

    Think about all the secrets your iPhone holds from personal messages and photos to financial data. Now, think about what you would do if all this information were revealed to strangers. Whether it’s just innocent prying or malicious visual hacking, when you’re out-and-about, your valuable data is at risk. So, how do you protect yourself? In the following guide, we run through some tips and tricks to securing your iPhone.

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  • The 6 Big Problems with Apple's iPhones

    The iPhone X was considered Apple’s most revolutionary device to be released in ten years when it arrived on shelves in 2017, but it found there to be some issues last year with the landmark phone. In a statement, Apple said users of the iPhone X might experience touch issues on the display module.

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  • Why 5G Will be a Game Changer

    It has been a decade since 4G technology was introduced to the world, which has changed the standard of speed for wireless networks. And now, we are on the edge of a new standard being introduced, 5G. The buzz around 5G wireless internet has been building in the last year, as the roll-out date draws closer.

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  • Has Your Phone Been Lost or Stolen? Here's What to Do

    Phones are a target for thieves and are also an object we can easily lose, from them falling out of pockets to being left forgotten on a table. As we rely on smartphones so much, not having one can feel like a huge loss. But it doesn’t have to be the end of the world, as there are some things you can do that can help you get your phone back and prevent personal information being stolen as well.

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