4 Reasons to Buy a Phone Privacy Screen Protector

Ever been on your device, minding your own business, casually messaging someone or playing a game, and catch someone leaning over to look at your screen without permission? This is a regular occurrence for many of us nowadays and is a real pain.

Here at Celicious, we value privacy. As such, we offer our fantastic phone privacy screens to keep your mobile activity private. Read some of our top reasons why you should invest in a phone privacy screen below:

two female phone users shopping for Celicious phone protectors

1 Protection from Snoopers

Woman looking at tablet holding phone

It’s almost automatic to snoop on what the person sitting next to you is doing, whether at home, on public transport, or at work. If you want to be safe and secure from any nosy people looking through what you’re doing, a privacy screen protector is a great way to keep them at bay. A phone privacy screen blacks out light from your phone travelling at sharp angles from your phone, meaning that unless you’re actually using the device yourself, the screen appears to be turned off.

Our phone privacy screen, in particular, offers four-way protection to prevent snoopers anywhere from looking at your screen and seeing what you are up to. This is achieved by using microlouver technology, which acts like Venetian blinds, blocking anyone from seeing the phone unless the viewer is at a specific angle. As your phone looks black from any perspective other than your own, your phone becomes immensely less interesting to passers-by and so immediately becomes much more secure.


2 Doubles as a Screen Protector

Cracked phone without a phone privacy screen attached

While our anti-shock screen protectors offer a little bit more protection than our phone privacy screens, a privacy film provides additional defence to your phone from impact damage, scratches and scruffs. Screen protectors are even specially designed with a multi-layered enhanced film to provide an extra shield for your device to prevent damages. Avoid cracks on your phone by applying one of our screen protectors today.


3 Reduces Blue Light

Man using privacy phone screen in the dark

Short wavelength, high energy blue light scatters much more easily than other kinds of light. At the same time, blue light is not as easily focused. That means when you spend a long period of time looking at your phone or a computer screen that emits a lot of blue light, your eyes have to work even harder to make sense of the information in front of you. This can lead to things like eye strain relatively easily.

Phone privacy screens reduce the amount of blue light that penetrates your phone, giving you a better user experience. Especially if you’re prone to eye strain, a phone privacy screen will make you find using your phone that much more pleasant.


4 Retains High Touch Sensitivity

Woman touching with iPhone X privacy screen protector cased phone

One of the biggest fears is that by putting on a privacy screen your phone will lose sensitivity. However, thanks to the cutting-edge technology employed to make our phone privacy screens, your mobile retains the glossy surface and smooth glass-like feel it had before you attached the film. As a result, you will experience seamless touchscreen interaction when swiping and typing on your device.

In addition, advanced silicone-based adhesive bonds firmly between our phone privacy screen to the flat surface of your phone, without any air bubbles or distortions to your phone. Because of how thin the film is, your phone retains its touchscreen ability and is just as sensitive as before application.


If you’re now convinced you need a security screen protector for your device, take a look at what’s on offer in our online store. We have phone privacy screens that fit all devices from HP laptops to iPhone X – see what we have in stock today!

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