Samsung Announces a World’s First Foldable Smartphone

We’ve mentioned before about how Lenovo’s innovative new tablet range is shaking up the previously static tablet market. But Samsung’s new smartphone tablets are showing us where another future could lie in phablet devices. Their new smartphone can fold down the middle and seamlessly swap to phone from tablet size, unlike anything else available on the market.

It’s not technically going to be the world’s ‘first’ foldable smartphone – the recently announced Royole FlexPai is stealing some of Samsung’s limelight as a new ‘foldable phone’, but even before then the ZTE Axon M was a ‘foldable’ phone, made of two screens connected on a hinge. However, Samsung’s new foldable phone is backed by a huge company hoping to make their phone a mainstream commercial success. Because of this awesome new technology, we at Celicious want to explain everything we know about the new Samsung handset.

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What is the New Samsung Phone?

One of the most anticipated smartphones of recent memory is Samsung’s foldable phone. However, despite finally showing to the world what it looks like and that it works, Samsung have not even announced its official name yet. Speculation says the phone will be called either the the Samsung Galaxy X, Galaxy F, or the Samsung ‘Winner’, but the name is not yet clear – despite our frustration.

Samsung have actively aimed to create an air of mystery around the product – the press releases have been kept vague about its specifications at the moment, and even photos of the new phone-tablet hybrid are kept closely guarded.

One thing we do know about is that there will be a great deal of support from Android for the new phone. At Samsung’s launch, a Google representative appeared on stage to announce that there would be extensive support for optimising apps for Samsung’s new phone. And at Google’s developer summit last week, they announced the different ways that foldable phones would be supported, such as screen continuity when the device is folded into smartphone mode, and greater multi active window flexibility to show three apps at once on the device.

Samsung has likely announced the phone early to get developers interested in the new technology and prepared to make apps compatible with folding-screen technology. This is great news because it means when the new Samsung smartphone is released, there will already be apps available to use the new technology.


What Do We Know About the Samsung Foldable Phone’s Specs?

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With a huge 7.3” diagonal display, the new Samsung smartphone announced in San Francisco folds in half to create a second screen that functions like a smartphone to a 4.5” screen.

Apart from that, we don’t know too much yet. The device has been in development for almost five years now, but even then the phone revealed by Justin Denison, Samsung’s Senior Vice President of Mobile Marketing, is unlikely to be the final version. They hope to still make the phone sleeker and less bulky than the version he used.


How Have People Reacted to the New Smartphone?

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For a lot of people, the foldable phone has brought up more questions than answers. Smartphone sales have stalled and began to decline for many of the leading phone manufacturers – not just Samsung, but Apple too – as phones last longer and people swap their old ones out later.

The hope is that foldable phones can restart flagging smartphone sales. The radical new design could very much shake up the industry, and the UI system (‘One UI’) invented for the next generation of smartphones makes the new phone cutting-edge in terms of user friendliness.

However, for some the idea of a foldable phone is a gimmick rather than an actual step forward in phone design. The big reason all other phones have looked the same for the last ten years is rather simple: it works. Going foldable is a big trade-off in price, screen quality, weight, and battery size. We will have to wait to see whether the phone is worth it.

Most experts are speculating that the new foldable phone will be released sometime next year, so if you are looking to keep using your current Samsung until getting an upgrade, we recommend a Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector to make sure your phone lasts!


Do you think the new smartphone be a success, or will the foldable flop? Leave us a comment here or on social media and share with us your thoughts!

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