How to Sell Your Phone for the Most Money

You can make hundreds of pounds selling your mobile phone, particularly if it is a high-quality one like the iPhone X or a Samsung S9. There are dozens of mobile phone companies now working online and in stores to buy old devices and sell them on to other customers. We've recently covered how to buy a second hand phone, and in this article we are looking to sell one. So if you're looking to upgrade to a new model but do not know what to do with your old one, follow our guide to get yourself as much money as you can for your mobile.

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What Kind of Phones Can I Sell?

Sadly, not all phones can be sold to major phone buyers. Most require that the mobile phone is still in a good, functional condition before they take it off your hands. A good rule of thumb is that your phone should be in reasonable cosmetic condition, still able to be switched on, and with all the relevant information (like make, model, and IMEI number) visible on the phone. Otherwise, your phone may only be able to be recycled.

Additionally, when it comes to the most cutting-edge mobile phones like the iPhone XS or the new Google Pixel phone, some mobile phone buyers simply do not purchase them off of consumers. We’re not entirely sure why, but that means with some types of phones you will have to shop around a little before finding who you can sell them to.

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Who can I Sell my Mobile Phone to for the Most Cash?

The average smartphone can be traded into four different types of buyers: 

1 Auction Sites

Sites like Glyde or eBay focus on providing a platform to buy and sell phones and tablets. Typically, auction sites will help you set a fair market price to make sure your item sells quickly and may also send you a shipping kit when it does, though eBay requires you to manage the shipping yourself. How long it takes to sell your phone and ship it is how long it takes to get paid: Glyde pays money into your account three days after they receive the item. This system is reliant on you finding a seller for your product through their website but can earn you the most profit.


2 Dedicated Phone Resellers

Unlike auction businesses, some companies act as dedicated resellers for mobile phones, buying your product directly from you and selling it themselves at a profit. This means they take a little bit more of a markup than auction houses but you have the security of knowing your product will be bought and you will be paid appropriately for it. Decluttr, for example, is an online business that buys old mobile phones, as well as CDs, DVDs, and other bits of technology, and sells them on through its online store.


3 Phone Companies

Some phone companies will give you cashback through their recycling schemes. Apple, for example, offers GiveBack, where you can trade in your eligible device – any Apple phone, but also a variety of other brands – for an Apple Store Gift Card. Similarly, Samsung offers a trade-in programme where you can get given money equal to the worth of your current mobile phone towards a new one. This can be the least flexible option available to consumers in terms of how you are paid, but if you already know what phone you want, then it might be the best approach.


4 Network Companies

Like phone companies, many major networks also offer cashback if you give them your current device. The O2 recycling scheme, for example, currently offers you well over £100 for a Google Pixel in excellent condition – so wrap one up with one of our Google Pixel screen protectors and keep it in good shape until you decide to trade it in!

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How do I Sell For the Most Money?

There are dozens of different places where you can sell your mobile phones, and they can offer hundreds of pounds difference between them. Here are some of our tricks to follow:


Sell Before the Next Generation.

We all know that once a new phone is released, the previous version drops hard in value. So, if you want to sell your mobile phone, do it before the new versions are released. Tech buyback site Decluttr reported last year that you can sell your phone for 25% more if you trade it in before the latest models come out. The iPhone X dropped in value by more than a quarter in the month when the XR and XS were released.


Shop Around.

We found that Music Magpie were buying a 64GB iPhone X for more than £500, O2 were offering £435, while a couple of dedicated phone resellers were offering less than £150 each. Shopping around can more than triple the amount of money you would get for your phone – take a look at a phone-selling price comparison website like before deciding who to sell your phone with.


Factory Reset Your Phone.

Not only do you not want to risk anyone going through your old files and folders, but factory resetting your phone also removes all the passwords you might have set up, which makes it easier for phone resellers to work out the true value of your device. A factory reset can also improve performance as you clear up the storage clutter that has built up over years of use. Each phone has a different way of doing a complete reset, but if you are committed to selling your phone then do remember to bring it back to default before posting.

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