Spring Clean Your Devices

We love our shiny smartphone screens, so it’s a shame they can’t stay as shiny as when we first buy them. The glass displays seem to attract and hold onto every bit of dust, dirt or fingerprints it comes into contact with daily.

A close-up of a microfiber cloth.

For most of us, the side of our shirt is enough to wipe away these worries; some of us may even use the side of our palm! This may certainly be sufficient for the first couple of times we notice a build-up of dirt on the screen, but there are some cheap, effective and quick ways to clean our smartphone displays better than these hap-hazard methods. And with spring soon approaching, we thought it would be the perfect time to share them with you.

Microfiber cloth

Perhaps the simplest and most convenient way to clean your screen is with a microfiber cloth. These inexpensive cloths are designed to clean glass without scratching the surface gently. The fabric draws oils and dust to its fibres, ‘picking’ them up and removing them from the display; while other cloths will only spread the grime around. Not to mention, these cloths are small and portable so you can take it around with you wherever you go!

For the best results, turn your screen off to make all the mess visible on the display. Repeatedly move the cloth in a vertical direction to clean away all the imperfections, continuing until the screen is spotless.

Remember that your cloth will need a clean now and then. Make up a bowl of warm water and soap, submerging the material to clean all of the surface area. Follow by rinsing the cloth out and allowing to air dry before next use. (You want to avoid getting any water on your smartphone!).

Scotch Tape

This is a miracle wonder for anyone looking to clean their phone in a hurry, and their microfiber cloth has seemed to have sprouted legs and left. Grab a strip of scotch tape and stick the tape to the display, peeling off to reveal a cleaner screen. Repeat as needed.

Cleaning Kits

In the rare instances that the microfiber cloth isn’t doing the trick, you may want to find something for heavy-duty grime. You can easily purchase all-in-one cleaning kits for a reasonable price online; some even come equipped with handy, portable tools.

Just make sure the solution is suitable for use with your smartphone; free from alcohol or ammonia that could cause some damage. You will find plenty of options designed specifically for device screens.

UV Light

For the extreme cleaners among you, you may want to sanitise your phone also. Considering all the things you and your phones come into contact with, we don’t blame you! Have you ever considered UV lamps as a way of cleaning your phone?

There are dedicated products on the market designed specifically for cleaning devices. These UV lamps can kill off any bacteria or viruses lurking on your touchscreen.

Protective Cases & Screen Protectors

The logic here is that by keeping your phone's casing and screen protected, you can also prevent it from becoming dirty. If you’re sick of always needing to clean your phone, this may be an option for many of you out there. Some screen protectors are explicitly designed to repel fingerprints and dust build-up, so applying one of these matte screen protectors can radically reduce the number of times you will need to clean your phone, keeping your prized device shinier for longer! So as well as safeguarding from bumps, drops and scratches, these protective measures can also keep your phone clean as a bonus.

Have a look for a screen protector for your device today.

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