Top 7 Last-Minute Christmas Prezzies for Techie Coworkers

As we get further into November, festive feelings are flowing, and Christmas shopping is underway. Most people will still be on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gifts for their family and friends, and for the tech-savvy workmate, a new tech gadget may just offer the perfect solution! We share our top seven picks for your techie coworkers over Christmas time.

Lots of computer gadgets around a laptop on a table

Bluetooth Tracking Pad

Car key fob held up by a man in grey jumper

Does your mate at work constantly complain about losing their keys, smartphone, or anything else they leave lying about? Get them one of these gifts. Bluetooth-powered and usually coming with an app on the side, you stick a tag to something you don’t want to lose, and the Bluetooth signal it lets off allows you to locate it on your phone at any time easily. The TileMate is our personal favourite: waterproof, looking very stylish, and incredibly compact, it can keep track of anything so you won’t have to hear your coworkers complain again!


Music Mug

Mug on abstract yellow blue and red background

These things are perfect examples of how tech can be both weird and wonderful. Costing £10 for a set of six, each mug has a specific music genre marked on its side and contains a playlist of 50 tracks, easily playable through your phone upon scanning via Spotify. Just open the app, press search, and aim your phone camera at the mug!


Smartphone Projector

Group together around single smartphone

The Smartphone projector is a fantastic little DIY project that takes ten to fifteen minutes to construct, and once you have done it, you have a fun little item which reflects light to expand the picture on your phone onto a big screen! Break out the popcorn and relax in front of the big screen.


Build-Your-Own Pinhole Camera

35mm pinhole film cameraThe VIDERE build-your-own 35mm pinhole camera finds the balance between vintage hipster and ultramodern tech. Fantastic for photography and craft enthusiasts alike, the VIDERE uses a laser cut 0.2mm pinhole to take photographs in old-fashioned film. All the construction materials are contained within the box; all you need to purchase is the 35mm film, which you can find sold on any high street.


Anti-Shock Screen

Tablet hit by pound coin but unscathed

If your co-worker doesn’t have one already, they really should! An anti-shock screen hugely increases the lifespan of your phone and keeps it much safer from scratches and drops while retaining its ultra-sensitive touchscreen. We have a vast range of films in stock, so take a look and buy your friends an anti-shock screen for Christmas.


SNES System

SNES controller computer gadgetPerhaps a little more expensive than some of our other suggestions on our list, if you have someone you really want to impress (or make up to!) for the year, the newly announced SNES Mini by Nintendo is an awesome retro choice. Let them relive the golden age of gaming with 21 classics including StarFox, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and Super Mario Kart.


Wireless Charger

iPhone battery dying covered by anti shock film

If your co-worker is in love with their smartphone as we are with ours, then a wireless charger is a perfect present. There are dozens of different kinds now on the market from the cheapest barely costing more than £10 to the high-end gizmos that cost closer to £100; one for every price range in the Secret Santa pick. Just make sure they have a compatible smartphone before you buy them this present though!

We hope our suggestions have provided some inspiration for what to buy your co-worker for the holidays! If you have any more ideas for us of what to get for Christmas or purchased one of our gifts and they’ve gone down a treat, please get in touch with us on social media and let us know.

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