How to Keep Your Windows Phone Secure

Smartphones are incredibly intelligent and can achieve amazing things; however, they can still be a victim to security issues. We look specifically at how to keep Windows phones secure and what steps can be taken to protect them.

Someone holding a Windows phone

Use Passwords and PINs

It should go without saying that your phone should be protected by a password or PIN as soon as you try to gain access. Whether it is a 4-digit code or a long password, something should be in place to avoid people going on your device without permission. Furthermore, the passwords you set up for accounts, such as Facebook and your bank account, should all be different or at least a variation of your master password. Doing this will avoid someone gaining access to all your accounts at one time, should they learn your master password.

Back-Up Your Data

Windows phones provide you with a cloud service where you can store information, should your phone get stolen or lost, you can retrieve your data with ease. The cloud can save your contacts, photos, text messages, apps you have installed, and this is just to name a few! It is a brilliant service that can save you in a tricky situation. With having all your data backed up, you can replace your lost or stolen phone easily by transferring the information to the new device.

Be Smart When Using Open Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi seems like a great alternative to using your personal data, but you could be putting yourself at risk. Open networks are used by multiple people and by connecting to it, you can expose what you are searching for to others. If people want to hack, they will require some smart software, but this doesn’t mean the risk isn’t present. We aren’t saying to avoid Public Wi-Fi networks; we are just advising that you are more cautious when connecting to them. For example, don’t log into your bank account when on an open network because if someone is looking to hack you, they could then gain the information you provided to log into your account. Only surf websites that do not expose any sensitive or private information.

Always Keep Your Phone Up to Date

When your phone says there is an update ready, download it as soon as possible; these updates often include bug fixes. If you keep your phone on older software, you can be opening yourself up to risk. Hackers can notice the downfalls of old software and find ways to gain access to your device. If your phone is up to date, then you should remain one step ahead of the hackers.

Set up "Find My Phone"

If your phone is ever lost or stolen, “Find My Phone” could save you a lot of time and money. The service is free of charge and can be found at the “My Phone” section on If you have simply lost your phone, you can ring it or locate it on a map to try and find it. If the situation is slightly more severe and your phone has been stolen, you can lock your phone or completely erase it to prevent the person from gaining access.

Wipe Your Phone Before Getting Rid of It

If you decide to sell your phone or recycle it, ensure that you completely wipe the phone of all its contents. The way you can do this may vary with what model your Windows phone is, however, what you are looking for is “Reset Your Phone”. You should be able to find this in either the settings or about section of your mobile. By resetting your phone back to factory settings, you completely erase all contents and therefore, the person who will next own your phone or have contact with it will be unable to access your data.

It is vital you keep your phone secure and safe from any security risk, but it is also a good idea to keep it protected from any physical damage as well. The most common issue with any phone is the screen getting damaged, so consider purchasing a smartphone screen protector to keep yourself safe from any scratches or cracks. If you are unsure on whether it is worth it, take a look at our other blog that explains five reasons why you need a screen protector!

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